Losing Weight: A Pill The Easy Way To Weight Loss?

Pill for weight loss convinces with results

Many people around the world have weight problems and are already overweight or obese. Of course, it would be helpful for those affected if there were some kind of miracle pill that could simply help them gain a healthy body weight. Researchers are now looking into a weight loss pill and the results have been promising.

The scientists at Brigham and Women's Hospital found in their current study that the drug lorcaserin can effectively contribute to weight loss. The drug acts as an appetite suppressant, which causes a feeling of satiety by stimulating the chemistry of the brain. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "New England Journal of Medicine".

Pill does not increase the risk of serious heart problems

A weight loss pill has been hailed as a possible holy grail in the fight against obesity after the study showed that the drug does not increase the risk of serious heart problems. The researchers said that lorcaserin is the first weight loss medication that is considered safe for heart health when used over a long period. The drug is taken twice a day, acts as an appetite suppressant, and stimulates the feeling of satiety by stimulating the chemistry of the brain, the study authors explain.

12,000 people took part in the study

For their study, the experts examined 12,000 subjects who were either overweight or obese. Participants were given either lorcaserin pills or a placebo, with the weight loss pill resulting in an average weight loss of 4 kg in 40 months. Further examinations showed no great effects in tests for heart valve damage.

Lifestyle changes are an important part of losing weight

The new drug could really be a kind of holy grail of weight loss, but lifestyle changes must continue to be an integral part, experts say. In the UK, the availability of the drug depends on whether the weight loss pill is approved by the National Health Service regulators. People with weight problems in the UK are currently either receiving counseling or undergoing surgery. This could change if the appetite suppressant is approved.

The drug is already available in America

In America, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the use of lorcaserin in some adults in 2012. The drug has been sold there since 2013 under the name Belviq at a price of $ 220-290 per month.

Experts had serious concerns

The study of the long-term effects of the pill was conducted by Dr. Erin Bohula, an expert in cardiovascular medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Harvard. Patients and their doctors were nervous about using medication to treat obesity for a reason. Medications of this type have a history that involved serious complications. In addition to negatively affecting the heart, there were also concerns that weight loss drugs can lead to mental health problems.

How did the drug work?

The researchers found in their investigation that after one year 39 percent of the participants who were given lorcaserin had lost at least five percent of their starting weight. Only 17 percent of the subjects who received placebos lost the same amount over the same period. The drug also affected the development of diabetes. People taking lorcaserin developed diabetes less often. Tests for heart valve damage were also carried out on 3,270 participants. However, no significant differences in the rates of heart valve damage were found. Twenty-one of the subjects taking Lorcaserin reported suicidal thoughts compared to 11 subjects given placebos. (as)

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