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Study shows: these stinkhorns can trigger a climax?

Study shows: these stinkhorns can trigger a climax?

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To the climax with the stinkhorn

A mushroom called "Phallus Indusiatus" is said to trigger a "kind" orgasm, according to an investigation. According to the study, this effect can only be observed in women. So far, the connection was only known among naturopaths. Now science has also approached the topic.

Spontaneous orgasm due to the smell of mushrooms

Mushrooms are primarily associated with delicious dishes. But they are also used for other purposes. For example, some people consume psychedelic mushrooms to get high. There are also mushrooms as medicine. And then there is a very special mushroom, the "Phallus Indusiatus", also called stinkhorn. It is said to have an incredible impact. According to one report, women can get an orgasm if they smell it.

Ecstatic conditions

According to an article in the specialist journal "International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms", the smell of stinking morel mushrooms can trigger ecstatic conditions and even spontaneous orgasms in women. According to the report, when they tried 16 women, six of them experienced a spontaneous climax when they smelled the Hawaiian mushroom. And in the other ten women, the smell is said to have caused physiological changes, such as an increased heartbeat. The researchers wrote in the magazine of "significantly sexually arousing characteristics in the stinky smell" of the mushroom. The species contains substances that are similar to human neurotransmitters that are released in women during sex.

Men find the smell disgusting

According to the study, the smell of the fungus has no sexual effect in men. Rather, they found him disgusting. It is also not uncommon for smells to be perceived differently. An international study recently showed that the smell of sweat, which is generally perceived as unpleasant, can make other people happy in certain circumstances. When the sweat is produced in a good mood, as the researchers reported at the time.

But what does local science say? Although it is true that the stinkhorn "exudes a very intense smell", reports Professor Hanns Hatt, olfactory researcher at the Ruhr University in Bochum, he does not believe, however, that "it can trigger such a strong reaction". To prove that the test subjects actually had a climax, "a magnetic resonance test should be undertaken, which measures the reactions in the brain". For one, a study with 26 participants was not representative.

Jochen Steider sees it completely differently. As a naturopath, he has been dealing with the fragrances of mushrooms and plants for a long time. "Today science also knows that perfumes stimulate the hypothalamus in the brain." It follows that harmonizing and even stimulating conditions can also occur. Primitive peoples still use this form of intoxication today. "Erotica also plays a role here." He recommends that you simply try it out yourself. (ad, sb)

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