Hair loss could be stopped with fragrance therapy

Hair loss could be stopped with fragrance therapy

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Fragrances can stimulate hair growth

Hair loss is often associated with a significant loss of self-esteem for those affected and most people want a full head of hair. The market for hair restoration products, which should help with the onset of baldness, is correspondingly large. Scientists at the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) have now found that special fragrances apparently extend the life of hair. They hope for new approaches to treating hair loss.

"Human hair root cells have fragrance receptors, and activating them with a sandalwood-like fragrance can extend the life of hair," reports the RUB of the study results. A team of researchers from the Monasterium Laboratory in Münster, the University of Manchester and the Ruhr University Bochum has used organ culture experiments to investigate the effects of fragrances on hair root cells. Their results were published in the specialist journal "Nature Communications".

Hair life cycle in three phases

Basically, hair consists of a shaft that protrudes from the skin and a hair root that is embedded in an indentation of the epidermis, the so-called hair follicle, the scientists explain. The life cycle of a hair consists of three phases: growth, suicide and rest. Normally, 80 to 90 percent of all scalp hair is in the two to eight year growth phase. About one percent is in the so-called suicide phase, which lasts several weeks and in which the hair stops growing and detaches itself from the roots, and the rest is in the resting phase, which lasts about half a year and in which the old hair is finally rejected a new one grows back.

Individual hair cycle is crucial

"Hair loss is usually due to the fact that the ratio shifts from the growth phase to the resting phase or that hair that is too short is produced," explains study author Professor Dr. Dr. habil. Hanns Hatt. Although the hair follicles form an average of around one centimeter of hair a month, hair growth is not only dependent on the waxing rate, but above all on how long the individual hair cycle lasts.

Fragrance receptors in the cells

In previous studies, the research team led by Professor Hatt at the Bochum Chair of Cell Physiology had already been able to demonstrate “that certain skin cells, the keratinocytes, have the fragrance receptor OR2AT4” and “they also demonstrated that this receptor was characterized by fragrances with a sandalwood note, such as Sandalore or Brahmanol, is activated ”, which means that skin regeneration and wound healing can be increased by almost 50 percent, according to the RUB. In the current study, the researchers now investigated whether the receptor has a similar stimulating effect on the keratinocytes in the hair roots and is involved in the regulation of hair growth in humans.

Stimulation of the fragrance receptors

For this purpose, the scientists used a technique with which complete living hair follicles can be obtained from biopsies of the human scalp and transferred to organ culture. Using gene and protein analyzes, the researchers were able to demonstrate “that OR2AT4 occurs in large amounts in the hair shaft during the growth phase and in the so-called matrix cells of the hair root, which are responsible for growth.” In later phases, however, the number of receptors was significantly lower . However, if the receptors were stimulated with Brahmanol or Sandalore for four to six days in the experiments, the amount of growth factor IGF-1, one of the most important natural hair growth stimulators, increased in the hair follicle cells.

Prolonged growth phase of the hair

According to the researchers, the fragrance stimulation was able to counteract the programmed cell death and the growth phase of the hair was extended by about 30 percent, while the rest phase was shortened accordingly. From this, the experts conclude that the lifespan of the hair increases to a similar extent. If the scent receptor was genetically switched off, the scent had no effect. The researchers were also able to observe “that human hair follicles rely on stimulation of this receptor in order to grow optimally,” continued the RUB. So far, however, it remains unclear which natural substances in the hair follicle stimulate the receptor.

New treatment options for hair loss

"The findings open new paths in the treatment of hair loss," emphasizes Professor Hatt. The study author "assumes that fragrances such as Brahmanol or Sandalore can be used in hair tonics or shampoos to extend the life of the hair." This would be "especially in the case of hormone- or stress-related diffuse hair loss", he said Bochum fragrance researchers continue.

First successful clinical studies

The use of a sandalore-containing lotion has already been successfully tested in a first clinical pilot study with 40 patients from Italy who suffered from hair loss, reports the RUB. When used over three months, she significantly reduced hair loss by 17.5 percent compared to a placebo. However, these pilot data have so far not been sufficient to confirm the clinical efficacy of the fragrance, since the sample was too small for this and more complex tests would be necessary to reliably quantify hair loss. The Monasterium Laboratory is therefore currently conducting a larger clinical study with improved test methods, the results of which are expected by the end of the year. (fp)

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