Cannabis patients cannot be hunters

Cannabis patients cannot be hunters

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Administrative court in Trier sees a lack of suitability for weapons law

Patients with regular cannabis use are not allowed to go hunting. They lack the weapon-legal suitability for the hunting license, as the administrative court in Trier ruled in a judgment announced on Monday, October 8, 2018 (Az .: 2 K 11388 / 17.TR).

In the specific case, the plaintiff had passed the hunter's test and applied to the hunting authority of the Bernkastel-Wittlich district for a three-year hunting license.

The latter rejected the application because of the applicant's lack of suitability for weapons law. Justification: His doctor had prescribed cannabis for regular use by the plaintiff. This justifies the assumption that active THC, a cannabis active ingredient, is present in the applicant's blood and that “cannabis-related deficiency symptoms” can occur.

In court, the man argued that when cannabis was used as intended, patients did not get into a high. Performance restrictions were not observed with him, said the plaintiff with reference to a specialist psychological report.

The administrative court then obtained another opinion and then dismissed the lawsuit. A doctor's prescription of a drug with cannabinoid substances lacks "permanent permanent personal suitability". The expert had found that the plaintiff was not always able to "handle weapons and ammunition carefully and properly". Because with regular cannabis use, a constant mental picture cannot be achieved.

Here the cannabis dosage is so large that psychological effects can be assumed. There is no habituation effect, according to the administrative court in its judgment of September 20, 2018. fle

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