Tumor risk: A variety of lip care sticks contain cancer-causing ingredients

Lip care with carcinogenic mineral oil hydrocarbons

In the cold season, the weather often results in dry or chapped lips. To prevent this, many people use lip balms. However, some of these products pose health risks.

Harmful substances in lip care

For many people, it goes without saying that they always have a care pencil for their lips on hand. However, research has shown that some of these pens can pose a major health hazard because they contain substances that may be carcinogenic. Mineral oils were found in lip care in an older study carried out for the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Consumer Protection. And even today, problematic mineral oil components can be found in lip care products, as a recent study by the consumer magazine "Öko-Test" shows.

Brittle and chapped lips

At the moment, the lips quickly become brittle and cracked due to the dry heating air and the cold.

Because our lips have no sweat glands and hardly any sebum glands, they cannot protect themselves from drying out.

Therefore, many people help in the fall and winter with fatty lip balms.

But caution is required here. As it is said in a report by "Öko-Test", tests have repeatedly shown that some lip care sticks contain questionable ingredients.

Some of these products consist almost half of saturated mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOSH / POSH).

Aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons

According to the experts, MOSH accumulate in human adipose tissue and the liver and has led to organ damage in animal experiments.

In addition, petroleum-based ingredients can contain aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOAH), which in turn can contain components that can be carcinogenic even in the smallest amounts.

According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), taking the MOSH through the skin is considered harmless, but lip balms do not remain on the skin.

Over the course of a long winter, we take a lot of lip care without wanting to.

According to a calculation by the scientific advisory committee of the EU Commission (SCCS), we swallow four pencils a year.

So it makes sense to pay attention to the ingredients.

Some ingredients should be avoided

According to the "Öko-Test" lip care should not contain the following ingredients:

  • Cera microcristallina
  • Ceresin
  • Mineral Oil
  • Ozokerite
  • paraffin
  • Paraffinum llaiquidum
  • Petrolatum

Which care substances are in the lip products is declared in each case. The higher these substances are listed, the higher their proportion in the product.

Improvement of the classic

The current test from January 2019 shows that some of the best-known brands such as Eucerin, Blistex and Neutrogena Norwegian Formula still rely on mineral oil-based main ingredients.

According to the information, MOAH was also found in almost all paraffin-containing products. Among other things, mineral oil finds and some other defects ensure that two products with "poor" and six even with "insufficient".

After all, six lip cleaners are "very good", two cut "good". Good to know: Mineral oils are not allowed in natural cosmetics.

In the last test of lip care (June 2018) mineral oil was found in the classic Labello. Now lip care from Beiersdorf does not require mineral oil. "0% mineral oil, 100% good feeling," the company proudly announces on the Labello website.

Natural alternatives

In the "Öko-Test" report it is pointed out that it can also be done without a care stick - nature has a number of miracle cures ready.

According to the experts, the best care substances are natural substances such as castor, jojoba and olive oil or shea butter.

Curd cheese and honey also help to make chapped lips soft and smooth.

The experts have another tip: on gray winter days, lip care without a sun protection factor is sufficient.

However, “Öko-Test” editor Svenja Markert advises: “Winter sports enthusiasts and holidaymakers in the sun should pack lip care with a UV filter because the lips have no self-protection. Since some of the chemical filters are suspected of having a hormonal effect, they better use pencils with mineral filters. ”(Ad)

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