Potential health hazard: Lemon juice concentrate is recalled

Potential health hazard: Lemon juice concentrate is recalled

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Recall: Increased sulfite content found in lemon juice concentrate

Gunz Warenhandels GmbH from Austria is calling back Citrilemon lemon juice concentrate. An increased sulfite content was found in one batch of the product that was sold throughout Germany. Eating sulfite-containing foods can cause severe intolerance reactions in some people.

Increased sulfite content not declared on the label

Gunz Warenhandels GmbH from Austria has started a recall for the article Citrilemon Lemon Juice Concentrate 200ml (EAN: 9002859018800) of the brand Piacelli with the best-before date 07/14/2020. "An increased sulfite content was found in the product mentioned above, which was not declared on the label," the company wrote in a message that was published on the portal "" of the federal states and the Federal Office of Consumer Protection.

The purchase price will be refunded upon return

The recall for the lemon juice concentrate applies to the whole of Germany.

According to the company, "all necessary measures have already been taken to avoid such an incident in the future."

Buyers are asked to return the affected product to the store. The purchase price will be refunded.

Health problems

Sulfites are the salts and esters of sulfurous acid H2SO3. They are approved as additives for numerous foods and are used as preservatives and as antioxidants.

As the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) writes on its website, sulfite salts in food are well tolerated by most people, since a body's own enzyme (sulfite oxidase) enables rapid oxidation to harmless sulfate.

For some people, however, eating sulfite-containing foods can lead to severe intolerance reactions, such as asthmatic reactions.

"Some of the asthma patients are particularly affected by this intolerance," reports the LGL.

"People with a deficiency of the enzyme sulfite oxidase can also experience health problems," said the experts.

The symptoms of intolerance reactions to sulfite salts are in part similar to those of allergic reactions. (ad)

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