Marktkauf & EDEKA recall chicken breast fillets - the reason for this are found metal fragments

Marktkauf & EDEKA recall chicken breast fillets - the reason for this are found metal fragments

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GUT & GÜNSTIG Chicken breasts can contain metal splinters

The Federal Institute for Consumer Protection and Food Safety as well as EDEKA and Marktkauf inform about a recently launched recall. Hans Kupfer & Sohn GmbH & Co KG is recalling the chicken breast it has produced. According to the manufacturer, it cannot be excluded that there are metal pieces in the chicken breast.

Affected is the article "GUT & GÜNSTIG delicacy chicken breast fillet roulade" in the 150 gram pack with the best-before dates from February 3, 2019 to February 15, 2019 inclusive. Consumption is strongly discouraged because of a possible risk of external and internal injuries. The affected chicken breast is mainly offered at EDEKA and Marktkauf branches.

Purchase price will be refunded

According to the trading companies concerned, the item has already been removed from the store shelves. "Consumers who have bought the item concerned will receive a refund of the purchase price in their shops even without presenting the receipt," EDEKA wrote in a customer information document about the recall.

What health risks are associated with metal parts in food?

Metallic foreign bodies can cause cuts and punctures in the mouth or damage the teeth when chewing. If the metal part is swallowed, depending on its shape and size, it can block the airways and lead to breathing difficulties and even shortness of breath. In the worst case, there is a risk of suffocation. Swallowed metal parts can get stuck in the body and trigger inflammatory processes. If the parts are sharp or sharp, internal bleeding is not excluded.

Further information: First aid for dangerous foreign bodies in the body

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