Health hazard: recall for finger paints because of dangerous germ

Health hazard: recall for finger paints because of dangerous germ

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Recall started: Health-endangering germ found in finger paints

Feuchtmann GmbH Spielwarenfabrik from the Bavarian town of Burgbernheim is calling back finger paints because the germ Pseudomonas aerugionosa was found in them. This pathogen can be particularly dangerous for seniors, immunocompromised people and children.

The germ Pseudomonas aerugionosa was discovered in a control

Feuchtmann GmbH Spielwarenfabrik from Burgbernheim (Bavaria) has started a recall for the following items: KLECKSi Basic (600 g) and Maxi (900 g), which contain the cans with the batch number (these can be found on the inside of the can) 18-02- 156 / 2019-01 color blue and 17-02-157 / 2019-01 color green included. As the company reports on its website, the germ Pseudomonas aerugionosa was found during a routine check.

Bitter substance makes consumption impossible

The finger paints were sold in the period from June to August 2019. A total of 1,440 cans from the batches with the numbers printed above are affected. But only a few of them are already on the market.

"Our finger paints contain a legally prescribed bitter substance that makes consumption impossible," writes the manufacturer.

Customers who have bought the item in question can return it to their shops without a presentation of the sales receipt, without reimbursement of the purchase price.

The bacteria can become dangerous for some people

The germ found could cause disease in the elderly, immunocompromised people and children. "However, there is a danger only in unfavorable circumstances," says the message. For example with an open wound.

Health experts repeatedly point out the danger of the pathogen.

The bacteria are considered an important hospital germ and food spoiler.

"In clinics, for example, they cause wound and urinary tract infections, pneumonia and blood poisoning," writes the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) on its website.

“It affects people with a weakened immune system in particular. Most strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa have natural resistance to many antibiotics, ”it says. (ad)

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