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Home remedies for calf pain

Home remedies for calf pain

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Calf pain occurs due to various causes. Slight pain in the calves, which can only be noticed from time to time and which also goes away very quickly, can be treated with suitable home remedies. Pain that occurs more frequently and / or lasts longer must be clarified by a doctor.

The pain in the calves starts suddenly, after certain loads, is mild or very massive, chronic, boring, stinging or dull. Depending on the cause, the symptoms can be felt at rest, while walking, running or climbing stairs.

Causes of calf pain

The causes are usually in the area of ​​the muscles. Incorrect or excessive strain and injuries, especially in connection with sports activities, such as torn muscle fibers or muscle strains, are among the common causes of pain in the calves. Calf pain is known primarily as sore muscles after unfamiliar or too long strains.

Reasons for pain in the calf area are circulatory disorders, inflammation of the leg veins, functional disorders of the venous valves, varicose veins as well as spinal damage with narrowing of the nerve root and a chronic log syndrome. But diseases such as Lyme disease or leptospirosis and a lack of sodium, potassium or magnesium can also lead to calf pain.

Circulatory disorders

Pain that disappears at rest, but recurs immediately when you walk or run, suggests circulatory disorders. These can occur, for example, due to deposits that hinder the permeability of the vessels (arterial calcification). The pain appears because the vessels can no longer meet the required blood flow. In addition to the calcification of the veins in the calves, sufferers usually also suffer from vascular deposits in the area of ​​the heart, which increases the risk of a heart attack.

A dangerous disease is deep vein thrombosis, also called phlebothrombosis, in which the calf pain is very massive and usually occurs quite acutely. The doctor often prescribes immediate bed rest, as this can cause a thrombus (blood clot) to be released, which is transported to the lungs with the bloodstream and may trigger life-threatening pulmonary embolism there.


Inflammation in the area of ​​the superficial veins sometimes causes severe calf pain. The affected leg is red, swollen, and hot. This condition is called thrombophlebitis. In the abacterial form, a blood clot forms, as a result of which the leukocytes (white blood cells) migrating to this place trigger inflammation. Bacterial inflammation, on the other hand, arises due to the smallest of injuries with subsequent spread of the bacteria. In both forms, those affected must see a doctor.

Diseases of the spine

Diseases of the spine, particularly in the lumbar spine, can also sometimes lead to calf pain if there is nerve compression (for example, caused by a herniated disc). A degenerative spiral channel narrowing can also cause pain in the calves.

The lod syndrome / compartment syndrome is one of the circulatory disorders - and that of a single muscle group. The functional unit of a muscle is called a compartment or box. This is encased by a fascia that fits like a tight skin. If the muscle swells due to a hematoma, for example, the tissue pressure in the compartment increases, which disrupts the microcirculation and undersupply the muscles and nerves. If this occurs acutely, for example as a result of a broken bone or a bruise, the calf pain is very severe and the whole thing represents a medical emergency. Almost exclusively athletes are affected by the chronic log syndrome.

Mineral deficiency: sodium, potassium, magnesium

A lack of the minerals sodium, potassium or magnesium can lead to calf pain. Sodium and potassium are important for the fluid balance and the function of nerves and muscles. Magnesium is also required for nerve and muscle function and is involved in energy metabolism. However, minerals should not be taken without medical clarification. It may be necessary to create a blood count beforehand.

Home remedies for cramp-like calf pain

The diseases mentioned, which lead to calf pain, belong in the hands of a doctor. For mild pain, however, home remedies can be used. Overloading or poor posture in particular cause complaints that respond well to simple home remedies.

After physical exertion, the pain often occurs in the form of leg cramps. Drinking isotonic drinks or an apple juice spritzer can prevent this. A banana before exercising serves as a preventive measure because it is particularly rich in magnesium. Also to be mentioned here are almonds and sunflower seeds, which are particularly rich in minerals and can therefore prevent calf pain. Warming up in the form of stretching and stretching exercises is often recommended and should be carried out before exercising so that no complaints occur at all.

Pain in the calves can also result from a kind of "overacidification". This is counteracted by a healthy, balanced base-rich diet that consciously reduces animal food and especially fresh fruit and vegetables. For a while, base tablets and base powder also help to establish a "healthy" balance in the acid-base balance. However, these base agents are not suitable for long-term use and should only be taken for a certain time or as needed.

A very beneficial home remedy for cramps in the calves is rubbing with a little cold-pressed oil, mixed with a few drops of essential lavender or rosemary oil. This relaxes the entire calf muscles. Lavender and / or rosemary as a tea can support the effect. However, rosemary should never be used by those suffering from high blood pressure, since the medicinal plant can increase blood pressure.

If all home remedies do not help, a visit to the doctor is necessary. Any underlying diseases or a mineral deficiency can be identified and then treated specifically.

Home remedies if the veins are affected

A disease of the veins definitely belongs to the doctor. However, there are some home remedies that can also be used. The horse chestnut is worth mentioning here. This, applied in the form of a tea, strengthens the veins and acts against the calf pain that arises due to weak veins or varicose veins. The horse chestnut is also contained in many ointments and gels, which - gently massaged into the calves - can bring relief. Especially when standing or sitting for a long time is unavoidable, the horse chestnut is used externally for prevention, but also for aftercare.

Another home remedy for calf pain is the stone clover. This herb has a vein-strengthening, antithrombotic and decongestant effect. Stone clover is also found in some venous ointments, but can also be consumed as tea. The third herb in the bunch is comfrey, which is contained in various venous ointments for external use. The teas mentioned should not be drunk continuously for longer than six weeks. A break of at least two weeks must then be observed.

Cool compresses or a wrap for the calf with healing earth can take the pain away. A porridge is made from healing earth with a little cold water. Applied to a sheet, folded up and then placed around the affected calf is a good home remedy that relieves the pain.

Even normal low-fat curd cheese works well for a calf wrap. The curd is placed on a cloth, the ends are wrapped and the cloth is then wrapped around the calf. It cools and relieves the venous system.

If you have calf pain, it is important to raise your legs as often as possible. Special venous cushions are recommended for this. But also lying down on the floor, with the legs leaning up against the wall or the door frame, for example, relieves the legs. The blood can flow back and the vein pump, which may not work as well, is relieved.

If there are generally problems with the veins due to venous weakness, care must be taken to avoid sitting and standing for long periods. If this is not possible, wearing suitable support stockings will help. This is especially recommended for a flight.

In the case of pain in the calves due to vein problems, heat should be avoided. A visit to the sauna or thermal baths should be discussed with the doctor treating you beforehand. Massaging the calves is also contraindicated. Rubbing the calves with appropriate venous ointments should be done gently.

General tips for calf pain

If your calves hurt, make sure you have good shoes. A well-cushioned sole is very important, especially when long distances have to be covered on foot. Walking barefoot helps in summer. If the symptoms occur after jogging, the running shoe may not be the right one or the running technique may not be suitable. A running analysis that some sports shops offer is helpful here. Clothing during sporting activities also plays a significant role. For example, the legs should always be kept warm and shorts are only suitable at very warm temperatures. (sw, nr)

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This text corresponds to the specifications of the medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been checked by medical doctors.

Susanne Waschke, Barbara Schindewolf-Lensch


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