Lose weight: weight loss as a "push" for a healthy diet

With the right “push” to healthier eating behavior

If you want to lose weight, you not only have to exercise enough, but also pay attention to a balanced diet. But what is the best way to change eating habits towards a healthy meal plan? Researchers from France have an easy answer.

No matter whether you want to get rid of extra pounds, feel fitter or do something good for your health: there are many good reasons why people want to lose weight. But often weight loss simply does not want to and will not work. A study now shows what is the most effective "impetus" for a healthy diet.

Almost 100 studies examined

The Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE) is dealing in a current article with the question of which is the right direction in which people should be directed so that their weight loss strategy is really successful?

Because there is a confusing multitude of studies on the topic of overweight and it is difficult to keep an overview of the right recommendations, researchers from France went to work on a "study on the study situation" on the subject of weight loss.

For this "meta-analysis", 96 previous studies were examined, in which various methods were tested, which focused on improving the selection of foods and eating habits. The study was carried out by Romain Cadario from the IÉSEG School of Management in Paris and Pierre Chandon from INSEAD-Sorbonne University.

In a communication from the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), they report what the most promising “push” is in the right direction.

Seven different strategies and recommendations were examined

A total of seven different strategies and recommendations were examined by evaluating the respective studies for these recommendations. The different methods were divided into seven categories:

  • The descriptive nutrition label includes calories and other nutritional information on food packaging or menus.
  • Nutrition labeling uses images or graphics to help people make the best decisions.
  • Healthy foods are made more visible on the shelves so that they are better noticed.
  • Highlighting "healthy" characteristics on packaging.
  • Stickers or signs with health appeals.
  • Improved convenience by pre-cutting fruits and vegetables.
  • Reducing portion sizes of "unhealthy" foods.

The most successful method

According to the researchers, behavioral “impulses” are the most successful, in particular reducing the portion size of unhealthy foods seems to be the best way to improve eating habits.

“These different categories address people in different ways. Some appeal to the voice of reason or judgment of people, others play with their emotions, and others focus directly on changing behavior, ”said study author Romain Cadario. "By choosing the best strategy, you can achieve results that are six times more effective." (Ad)

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