Lose weight: Diets can lead to unplanned pregnancies

Lose weight: Diets can lead to unplanned pregnancies

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Losing weight in the new year: certain remedies can damage the heart

Losing weight is a top priority for many people for the New Year's resolutions. However, certain diets and “miracle cures” should be avoided. Because these can lead to health problems and, among other things, damage the heart and contribute to unwanted pregnancies.

The New Year is often started with good intentions: more exercise, less alcohol and a healthier diet. These measures are intended to help get rid of the hip gold that has accumulated through feasting on Christmas and New Year's Eve. If you want to lose weight, you should avoid certain diets and “miracle cures”, because according to experts, they often do not work and can even be harmful.

At best ineffective and sometimes harmful

The National Health Service (NHS) medical director, Professor Stephen Powis, says it is right to get back in shape after the festivities, but in a message he warns against using quick-fix diets, diet pills To try detox teas or appetite suppressants. At best, these are ineffective and sometimes harmful.

The medical practitioner's intervention followed earlier requests from social media companies to take action against misleading advertisements with influential celebrities who promoted quick weight loss or better fitness. Instagram and Facebook were asked to restrict advertising for risky products.

Products that are said to help you lose weight quickly while reducing your appetite and fatigue can have harmful side effects, including diarrhea, heart problems, and even unplanned pregnancies if they affect oral contraception, the release said.

Lose weight gradually and safely

According to the doctor, one in four young people state that they want to lose weight. In his opinion, the simple availability of products for (supposedly) quick weight loss contributes to the impairment of the body image of the people.

“It's always a good time to get in shape, and New Year's resolutions are a good time to make changes. In reality, however, there is little chance of success with diet pills and detoxification teas - and people could end up doing more harm than good, ”says Professor Powis.

"Setting New Year's goals and losing a few pounds after Christmas is a good idea, but it is much easier to achieve if you do it gradually and safely."
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Reduce calorie intake

There are helpful tips on the NHS website that can help you lose weight. A 12-week weight loss plan can also be found there. This is to help you safely lose 0.5 kg to 1 kg per week by adhering to a daily calorie limit.

For most men, this means consuming no more than 1,900 kcal per day, and for most women, the maximum calorie intake is 1,400 kcal. The NHS's English-language BMI calculator can help determine your personal weight loss calorie limit.

If the limit is exceeded, there is no need to worry: it just means that calorie intake must be reduced the following days.

For example, for a woman who ingested 1,700 kcal on Tuesday, that's 300 kcal more than the daily allowable calorie intake of 1,400 kcal. To stay on the right path, an additional 300 kcal of the remaining calorie intake would have to be saved for the rest of the week.

An average person who wants to lose weight should reduce their daily calorie intake by 600 kcal.

In addition to a healthier diet, regular physical activities also make an important contribution to losing weight. These not only help to burn additional calories, but also keep those affected motivated and improve their general health and well-being. (ad)

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This text corresponds to the specifications of the medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been checked by medical doctors.

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