Noise hazard! Recall for hemp tea due to increased THC content

Noise hazard! Recall for hemp tea due to increased THC content

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Potential health impairment: Hemp tea contains too much THC

Ökotopia GmbH from Berlin has started a recall for the product "Hemp Leaves and Flowers". According to the company, an increased THC content was found in the hemp tea. With higher consumption a health impairment cannot be excluded.

The Berlin company Ökotopia is calling back the tea "Hemp leaves and flowers". According to the company, a laboratory analysis by the State Office of Berlin Brandenburg showed "that the batch of the product Hemp Flowers and Leaves certified organic after September 16, 2019 is not marketable."

Drink no more than four cups a day

"The reason for the recall is an increased THC content," the company wrote in a message that the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety published on its portal "".

Accordingly, the recall affects hemp flowers and leaves organic 40g (Art. 24405) and 500g (Art. 24403) with the best before date: from March 17th, 2022 to April 16th, 2022.

"If you take more than four cups (= 600ml) a day, a health impairment cannot be ruled out," the company warns.

Customers who have bought the product in question are asked not to consume more than this amount per day or to return it to the point of sale where they bought it.

The main risks are psychological

Last July, denree GmbH recalled its "Higher Living Green Tea Hemp" due to the increased THC content.

At that time, too, it was pointed out that health impairment cannot be ruled out if large quantities of tea are consumed.

Risk of intoxication for consumers

The immediate risks of cannabis use are primarily psychological. Thinking disorders can occur, which are expressed, for example, in fragmentary, associative, volatile ideas, explains the German Center for Addiction Questions (DHS) on its website.

In addition, the ability to concentrate and attention can be reduced, as can the performance of short-term memory. Consumers are more likely to be distracted and set unusual priorities in their perception and concentrate on secondary stimuli.

“The rare, unusual effects are depressed mood, increased drive, restlessness, fear and panic. Disorientation and confusion as well as nightmare-like experiences with persecution fantasies and even madness are also rare, but possible, ”writes the DHS.

Acute physical effects can include increased blood pressure, a slight increase in heart rate, reddening of the eyes and nausea. (ad)

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