Listeria recall campaign: Warning of these sausage and ham products

Listeria recall campaign: Warning of these sausage and ham products

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Listeria: Organic butcher starts recall for all sausage and ham products

Tagwerk Biometzgerei GmbH from the Upper Bavarian community of Langenbach has started a recall for sausage and ham products. According to the company, an “excessive amount of listeria was found” during a check. These bacteria can lead to so-called “listeriosis”.

Tagwerk Biometzgerei GmbH from Upper Bavaria is recalling various sausage and ham products, because in a check of sliced ​​and packaged yellow sausage with the MHD 16.01.2020 excessive amounts of listeria were detected.

Some products are exempt

"Since, based on the current state of knowledge, it cannot be ruled out that there are listeria in our sausage and ham products, we call back all products as a precaution," the company writes in an end user information that the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety wrote on its portal "" Has published.

Exceptions are: Meat, as well as: Whole salami sticks, Polish, pepper crackers, chilli crackers and cattle Polish, because there are no listeria multiplying there due to the sausage bacterial cultures, cold cuts sausages as mini or whole sticks in the artificial intestine and press sack in the artificial intestine.

Customers can return sausage and ham products to their point of sale for a refund.

Operation undergoes a thorough cleaning

It is currently not possible to trace where the infection site is located. According to the information, the entire operation is subjected to a thorough basic cleaning and samples are taken afterwards. Only after the results are available will the new production start.

Infection can have serious consequences

"Listeria are bacteria that are widespread in the environment, especially in the agricultural sector," writes the butcher. These germs can cause listeriosis.

In healthy adults, the disease is in most cases unremarkable or takes a harmless course with flu-like symptoms such as fever and muscle pain or vomiting and diarrhea, explains the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL).

In certain risk groups such as immunocompromised or older people, children and pregnant women, a Listeria infection can have serious consequences.

The associations for independent health advice (UGB) explain on their website that pregnant women generally show no or only flu-like symptoms, but can pass the infection on to the fetus.

“There may be a premature or fatal birth, or the child may be born with a life-threatening congenital listeriosis,” the experts explain. (ad)

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