Dangerous side effects: Medicines for the common cold are not for drivers

Dangerous side effects: Medicines for the common cold are not for drivers

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Cold and flu: Sick people shouldn't drive a car

Drivers should not only be particularly careful in the cold season because of possible slippery conditions. If you take medicines for colds and flu, your fitness to drive may deteriorate significantly.

If you have the flu or a cold, you are not behind the wheel. This is especially true if you have taken medication or combination products for the symptoms, warns TÜV Süd.

Active ingredients can have a negative impact on driving behavior

The medicines are supposed to help you cope with everyday life despite illness. However, over-the-counter cold remedies often contain active ingredients that can have a negative impact on driving behavior.

The list of side effects is often long and dangerous, from reduced reaction times to dizziness and fatigue to visual disturbances.

One reason for this is that many of the remedies contain alcohol or caffeine.

Cure at home

It is best to stay at home if you are ill and to cure yourself properly. If there is no other way, you should carefully consider whether it really needs to be a car trip - maybe bus and train are also an alternative?

And it is imperative that you read the leaflet carefully before starting your journey, just like taking an honest look at your own health. How weak do I feel, how often do I sneeze and cough? Because that also has an impact on driving ability. (ad, source: dpa / tmn)

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