Unhappy with your own body weight? Tips to help you lose weight

Unhappy with your own body weight? Tips to help you lose weight

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Lose weight: integrate more exercise into everyday life

Many people keep trying to reduce their weight by doing more sports. However, this goal is often not consistently pursued. An expert has some tips on how to get more exercise in everyday life.

Regular exercise helps you lose weight and promotes health. But it is often difficult to get up for training. An expert from the Medical University (MHH) explains how everyone can get more exercise in everyday life.

How weight loss can be achieved through exercise

Be it because you are dissatisfied with your body weight or want to do something for your fitness and health: doing more sport is at the top of the list of "good resolutions" for many people.

But why do most people fail to consistently pursue this goal? Why do the sports clothes stay in the closet after a few days or weeks and people on the sofa? And how can weight loss be achieved through sport?

That explains Professor Dr. Uwe Tegtbur, Director of the Institute for Sports Medicine at the Medical University (MHH) in a current release.

Bicycle instead of car

"Everyday life is the greatest opportunity for more exercise," says Professor Dr. Uwe Tegtbur. At the beginning you should think about what you want to achieve personally, whether there are health risks and what physical and time resources are available.

"Let's start with the way to work. If you can, you should take the pedelec or the bicycle instead of the car, ”says the sports doctor.

"And you can combine the walk into the canteen with a short walk or just climb a few stairs before lunch."

Half an hour of moderate exercise a day

Anyone who moves moderately for half an hour every day and trains all the large joints once a week is already doing a lot for themselves. According to the doctor, it's about organizing your everyday life in such a way that a little movement is part of it.

Those who have enjoyed it can then slowly improve. The more intense the load, the higher the energy consumption. In the long term, the exercisers become fitter and lose more and more fat with the same personal effort.

“In the beginning, we burn 60 percent carbohydrates and 40 percent fat.” According to the expert, this ratio reverses during persistent training, and then we burn 60 percent fat. "You can practically burn fat," explains Professor Tegtbur.
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Exercise should be fun

Exercise should not only be compatible with everyday life, it should also be fun. Very important: "Don't set your goals too high," recommends Professor Tegtbur. "If completely untrained people plan to go to the gym every night from now on, they will fail."

It makes more sense to keep the thresholds low, but then to remain consistent. A shorter movement unit is always better than none. An example: If rain threatens to prevent the planned walk, simply wait for a gap in the clouds and walk only ten minutes instead of 30 minutes.

"The main thing is to do it," says Professor Tegtbur. Fixed times that are intended for nothing other than exercise are helpful for regular training. In addition, according to the expert, it is important for beginners not to go full throttle in a new sport, but to get used to it slowly.

Overcome inner bastard

And how can you defeat the inner bastard? "The biggest inner bastard is often the exhaustion after a long day at work," says the sports doctor.

His remedy, on the other hand, is to give the body new energy again and again during the day - with carbohydrates, protein and little fat.

Anyone who wants to exercise and lose weight should definitely eat consciously and drink enough so that the body still has reserves in the evening. Then it is not so difficult to pick it up.

If you are not sure how many calories are needed, you can use the calorie requirement calculator of the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK).

And if you also need a motivator, the expert advises you to exercise in the group. "Making appointments and doing sports together inspires and is simply more fun for many people," says Professor Tegtbur. (ad)

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